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MSc ISE - Integrative Case Study
MSc ISE - Small and Familiy Business
MSc ISE - Entrepreneurship & Business Opportunities
MSc ISE - New Venture Business Planning
MSc ISE - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MSc ISE - Strategic Marketing & Marketing Planning
MSc ISE - Business Intelligence Strategy/CPM
MSc ISE - Harvard Course: Microeconomics of Competitiveness
MSc ISE - Innovation through Design
MSc ISE - Marketing High Technology & Innovation
MSc ISE - Economics of Innovation
MSc ISE - Managing IT for Sucess
MSc ISE - Business Ethics
MSc ISE - Finance for Managers
MSc ISE - Accounting for Managers
MSc ISE - Economics
MSc ISE - Leadership & Teambuilding
MSc ISE - Project Management
MSc ISE - Managerial Creativity