Avatar Cecile REBILLARD
par Cecile REBILLARD, mardi 4 septembre 2007, 13:38
Bonjour, n'hésitez pas à ajouter votre photo à votre profil, cela personnalise les contacts. Cette image sera utilisée à différents endroits pour vous représenter, par exemple sur chaque message que vous posterez dans les forums.
Pour ajouter votre photo c'est très simple, vous cliquez sur votre nom puis sur l'onglet 'modifier mon profil'. Le fichier doit être au format JPEG.
Pour déposer l'image, cliquez sur le bouton « Parcourir... » dans le formulaire et sélectionnez l'image sur le disque de votre ordinateur. Cliquez ensuite sur le button « Enregistrer mon profil » en bas de la page. L'image sera redimensionnée en un carré de 100x100 pixels.

Lorsque vous reviendrez sur la page de votre profil, il se peut que l'image ne soit pas mise à jour. Dans ce cas utilisez le bouton « Actualiser » de votre navigateur.

Avatar Nader Darash
Re: Photo
par Nader Darash, vendredi 15 septembre 2006, 17:18

I am just wondering why you people here insist on writing in francis ,altough there are other students using the moodle who cannot undrestand your langouage! Is it just because of             'le exepsion le france'?


Avatar Marc HUMBERT
Re: Photo
par Marc HUMBERT, mercredi 20 septembre 2006, 10:34
Interesting point!  I have 2 comments:

First: we are in France where official language is French approbateur. I hope that we will continue to speak French from time to time in this school and to write partly in French on our web sites. I also think that
if you study in France, it is a good idea  to take the opportunity to learn French even if you speak English fluently. (I would write the same about Italian if we were in Italy). I do believe that learning (and not only e-learning) is the most interesting activity in life.

Second: of course we have to try to be bilingual in this school (or better).
About Moodle:
1/ You can personalize your interface and have it in English.
2/ General content (home page) is also in English. General forums are either in English or in French but if you post in English on a French forum, I am quite sure that somebody will answer.
3/ Course contents are mainly in French for ESC and always in English for GGSB. We adapt to what professors provide.
4/ We are thinking about having 2 different Moodle Web sites: one in French or bilingual for ESC and one in English for GGSB. What do you think about that?

Avatar Nader Darash
Re: Photo
par Nader Darash, mercredi 20 septembre 2006, 14:07

Mark ,Thank you very much for your helpful comments.wink

But I have something to add:

First: For sure you can speak and write not only in French but also in any other langouages at the school.But when you are in the virtual world like here you arenot anymore in the France ,As I am not allowed to write persian here because I am in Iran now,and when you are giving some information which is related to evrybody  (As I undrestood the message is about how to use a picture which I have  some problem with it too and still dont know how to fix it!) there must be also an English explanation of that information.

I think before being a good national school you are a reputable international university. Because of that you have tried to have english version of moodle. But I hope you are going to have a Website which evrybody can access easily to evrything even a very simple issue.

Second: It is a very good idea! As a student of GGSB I have used some ESC materials ,Which were very helpful , So I just hope that with having two diffrent web sites I can have access to another one even if it is in French!

Third: Mark I am here just for learning so what are you thinking about having a French langouage e-learning course here in the moodle?

Avatar Marc HUMBERT
Re: Photo
par Marc HUMBERT, mercredi 20 septembre 2006, 17:12
Just select English language (top right of the screen) and all the interface will be in English, included Help. If you edit your profile you will see that you have help in English about including a photo.

Unfortunately we have not the means to have a totally bilingual site and to translate all the contents and the posts in the forums. May-be in the future, we'll have automatic translation.

Good idea about French e-learning course for off-site students. I will transmit to international affairs (GGSB).

Have a good success in your studies!

Avatar Nicolas GALANTE
Re: Photo
par Nicolas GALANTE, vendredi 22 septembre 2006, 16:27


Usually I use this google tool :


If you prefer the english version, please use this link :


And for exemple look at the result :


To me it's not perfect but it's helpfull.

see you !